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Optimal Health 4 Month Program

Optimal Health 4 Month Program

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Who is this program right for?

This program is designed for the person who wants to get to the root cause of their health concerns. I will provide you with a natural approach to rebalance your body and achieve optimal wellness!

Whether you are looking to rebalance hormones, lose weight, solve digestive issues or just want to dig deeper into your overall wellbeing and longevity, I am here for you!

If you are:

  • Fed up with not feeling well and want to finally find answers
  • Frustrated by being told you’re fine when you know something is “off”
  • Interested in a natural approach to achieve wellness, weight, or longevity goals

What you get:

  • WEEK 1: 60-minute Intake & Initial Recommendations (labs ordered at additional fee)
  • WEEK 6: 60-minute Appointment with Personal Recommendations (diet, workout, supplement protocol, lifestyle)
  • WEEK 12: 30-minute follow up and program adjustments
  • WEEK 18: 30-minute follow up and program adjustments or maintenance phase

Why 4 months?

This is a 4-month program designed to address your health concerns from a root cause perspective. Consider it this way—your body didn't reach this point overnight; it took time. Therefore, it's going to take time to reverse damage and promote healing. I've found that three months is an optimal timeframe to start observing tangible results in natural healing.

I am committed to ensuring your success is long term, which is why we have one more appointment in the fourth month. This session is aimed at establishing a maintenance plan to sustain your health progress moving forward. Let's embark on the journey to healing from the root cause and set you up to thrive for a long time to come!

What are the goals of this program?

  • Uncover the root cause of health concerns.
  • Optimize health.
  • Create a maintance plan to stay the course.

*This program does not include labs or supplements, these will be an additional fee if they are needed.

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