Bust Your Inflammation with SPM Active!

Bust Your Inflammation with SPM Active!

Let’s talk about one my all time FAVORITE supplements today: SMPs! I know…S…P…what?! While their name is a mouth-full, SPMs are truly incredible and, one of the supplements I think most everyone could benefit from taking.


When you think of SPMs…think resolving inflammation!


SPM Active from Metagenics is a supplement that contains specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPMs) to support healthy inflammatory response. But WHAT exactly are SPMs, and how do they work?


SPMs are a class of bioactive lipid mediators that are derived from essential fatty acids, such as omega-3s (EPA/DHA). These compounds are produced by the body in response to inflammation, and act to resolve inflammation by promoting the removal of inflammatory cells and debris. However, with age and metabolic stress, our production of SPMs drops significantly. This is also why we see more inflammation as we age! See the connection there. The joys….


According to a review published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, SPMs are critical mediators of the resolution of inflammation, and play a key role in regulating the immune response. Think about things like fish oil and curcumin, these are great for the initiation phase of inflammation (NSAIDs would fall into the category as well) but they are not resolving inflammation on the back end. Being that most people are not properly completing the inflammatory cycle of initiation AND resolution, most of us are chronically inflamed (and PS…inflammation is the root of many diseases in the body). That’s where SPMs come in!


By modulating the body's natural inflammatory processes, SPMs may help reduce joint discomfort and support overall joint health. There is a VAST (and growing!) body of research on the benefits of SPMs. We can find studies about SPMs and inflammation, joint health, pain, post procedural healing, wound healing, fibromyalgia, metabolic health, neurological conditions, tumor size and growth, endometriosis, arthritis…you name it, if it’s associated with inflammation (cough cough…most things are!) SPMs have the potential to help! 


In addition to their role in promoting healthy inflammatory response, SPMs have also been shown to have a range of other beneficial effects on the body. For example, a study published in the journal Nutrients found that SPMs may help improve skin health by promoting dermal matrix synthesis.


Metagenics' SPM Active supplement contains a unique and proprietary combination of SPMs derived from pure, sustainable marine sources. The SPMs are carefully extracted to ensure maximum potency and purity, and are formulated to support a healthy inflammation response. SPM Active by Metagenics is the only supplement on the market using the raw material that ALL of the human clinal trails were done on.


As a supplement specialist, I often recommend SPM Active to my clients who are looking to support healthy inflammation in the body. The clinically studied ingredients, high-quality sourcing, and easy-to-take softgel form make this supplement a top choice for promoting optimal inflammatory response!


If you're interested in learning more about SPMs and their role in promoting healthy inflammatory response, I encourage you to visit the Metagenics Institute website. There, you can find a wealth of information on the science behind SPMs and other cutting-edge supplements:






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