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Food Sensitivity IGG Test + 30 Min Consultation

Food Sensitivity IGG Test + 30 Min Consultation

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30 Minute Health Coaching Call Included

Even with a healthy diet, it's possible for your body to exhibit what's called an IgG reaction to certain foods. Unlike typical food allergies, looking at IgG reactions can single out the foods that are causing hidden immune reactions 24-72 hours after you eat. If you suspect that certain health concerns may be related to food, this at-home lab will test sensitivity levels (mild, moderate or severe) to 190 common foods. By taking this test, you will be provided with comprehensive insight on which foods to avoid in order to keep your body functioning at its best.Having an IgG food sensitivity is very different from having a food allergy. Where food allergy tests look for severe, life-threatening or immediate food reactions, an IgG food sensitivity test looks for foods that may be causing hidden immune reactions 24-72 hours after eating. If you're experiencing persistent health issues, it may be due to ongoing food sensitivities, that when left unaddressed can lead to unbalanced inflammation.

By learning which common foods you have an IgG sensitivity to, you can start to eliminate these foods from your diet. Your body will be better equipped to function and by decreasing potential inflammation, numerous bodily systems will work more effectively. This test will provide an in depth glance at 190 common food sensitivities as well as provide a snapshot of potential yeast and candida, so you can make crucial adjustments to your diet and alleviate challenging symptoms.

What is Measured

IgG Antibody Reactions

Test for mild, moderate or severe reactions to over 190 foods


Candida Albicans & Yeast

Fungus that naturally lives on your body

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